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The Free $tuff Fundraiser is Loaded With Free Stuff. Finally the Perfect Fundraiser Delivering Loads Of Value To Donors With Over 50 Completely Free Products!

The only fundraiser that gives away hundreds of dollars in useful consumer items, that we call free stuff. For one low donation the purchaser of the Free $tuff QuickCard or Wallet Card can pick items from our catalog of over 50 items including Jewelry, watches, USB memory sticks, home décor and much more, absolutely free.
$10 to $20 Donation, the donor can choose any 8 items free.
The complete program, from start to finish is a winner for you, your contributors, students’ parents and community. These Free Stuff Discount Cards sell fast. Everybody is very happy with this program because it supplies value. Donors/ purchasers of either card can redeem the card for valuable products absolutely free.

To learn more about Free Stuff Discount Cards & how you can get your free fundraiser click above to view samples.

About FreeStuffBooklet.com Categorys

"Free Stuff"

The free stuff category is loaded with all free items and is what creates the real value for donors. Donors can redeem the booklet for "Free Stuff" as an free stuff booklet purchaser. The booklet offers many hundreds of dollars in free products and a real value for donors. No purchase necessary. The donor pays S&H fees (most items shipping cost $1 to $4)

"100% Donated"

Loaded with everyday consumer items every sale earns your fundraiser 100% of the profit. (we markup zero, our wholesaler sets the price, we set the sale price.)Example: Wholesaler price $7, retail $14, your profit $7, no admin, store, handling etc., 100% goes to you.

"Big Savings"

Loaded with items that people use everyday. Prices are wholesale low! Your fundraiser earns 10% of paid sales.
This is not a category, but is offered on “Free Stuff”, as “Pay What You Want” allows donors to voluntarily pay for a free item. 100% of what they pay is donated to your fundraiser.

See Sample custom fundraiser web page

Finally A Fundraiser Without Inflated Prices!

No storing or shipping items, no cold space needed.
sell the card or booklet and keep earning for months.

Your school, group or non-profit organization can get cash donations while every donor saves up to hundreds of dollars, and everyone avoids an overpriced product, like $5 chocolate bars, and everyone feels great doing it!

There are NO costs upfront to your organization, everything is absolutely FREE to get started! That includes QuickCards or Wallet Cards, printing, brochures and even shipping --- ALL INCLUDED! That works out to be a huge savings for you and your organization. Every contributor will enjoy a large savings. Your organization keeps 100% from each sale of every Free Stuff card sold.

Our Cards are loaded with a variety of products that are absolutely free, free jewelry, toys, electronics, dog and cats toys and other desireable consumer items. Your organization earns its money upfront on every sale, no deposits, no shipping, zero! The complete program, from start to finish is a winner for you, your contributors, students’ parents and community. Everybody is very happy with this program because it supplies items at a great price (value), something most fundraisers don't include for donors.

How Does It Work?

Every card is loaded with between 12 and 18 free items, each item with a preceived value between $5 and $25 each. Your fundraiser receives a custom website loaded with dozens to hundreds of items. Your donars use the card to get their free stuff.

Have a look at the custom website you receive. Including a custom domain name. (put any name in place of "MySchool") http://MySchool.FreeStuffFundraiser.com donors visit your fundraiser to redeem items, and maybe pickup a few more bargains. Get our free information package that shows multiple ways you receive donations and commissions with this program.

Some of the benefits your custom online fundraiser shop offers.
There Are Only 3 categories Offered At The Web Fundraiser

    • > Fundraiser shop category

      "100% Donation"

      - We make zero, whatever price our wholesaler sets, without a single penny added or taken, you receive 100% of the profit. wholesaler price $12.00, sale price $18, your profit = $6 minus credit card charges, we keep zero.

    • > Fundraiser shop category

      "Free Stuff"

      - Loaded with all free stuff. This category alone makes the cards worth many times the donation. We supply the items at ZERO cost to your fundraiser. QuickCard or Wallet card purchasers are able to redeem their Free $tuff, free, no other purchase necessary.

    • > Fundraiser shop category

      "Big Savings"

      - Filled with items people use everyday. The prices are very reasonable and actually quite low. You earn 10% of every item sold.

    • > Cards easily sell for $10 and up to $20 each.

    • > Selling the cards are just the begining of what your fundraiser can earn.

See Sample Cards Here.

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