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Questions and Answers

Q and A

We are a full service fundraising company. If you have any questions, concerns, or need special assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at (234) FUND-SCB

Question:  What is a Free Stuff GIFT CARD Fundraiser

Answer:  The Free Stuff gift cards are sales tools, the barer can use the cards to redeem products by visiting the web site printed on the card.
(visit: here to see all cards)

Question:  My son or daughter needs to raise money for a school trip. Can they use your programs?

Answer:  Yes, anybody can use our fundraiser to make money for their cause.  Our fund raising programs are particularly suited for charitable and/or non-profit organizations, churches, youth groups and schools.

Keep in mind you do not have to be a charity or non profit to sell items for a profit. Any cause may use this technique to raise money, non profit status is not necessary.

Question:  Our school wants to have a fundraiser do I have to pay for the Gift Cards up front?

Answer:  There is no charge for 150, 300, 600 or 1000 cards up front, also standard Shipping charges are free in the continental US.
To see what Free Stuff cards are available, get the info-pack for detailed break down of the program.

Question:  We are not a school or known organization, do we have to pay any money upfront?

Answer:  All other organizations must pay a $50 refundable deposit upon approval for 150 cards. Once you have sold those we will ship another 150 cards without deposit and so on. Or you may purchase wholesale cards.

Click here to see about our discounted wholesale prices and low minimums if you want to purchase gift cards outright. Wholesale cards are discounted because there are no commissions attached to wholesale cards.
Your donors visit our non-branded fundraiser to redeem free items.

Question:  How long should I run a card sale?

Answer:   It really depends upon the type of group. For a full school we suggest around 30 days.  If you run the sale too long, everyone begins to lose interest.  It’s best to put a time limit on sales. Although there are exceptions such as a sports teams or any group with a clear goal.

For instance the band needs new instruments, the members will stay focused for months or until the goal is reached.


Question: Do you have select products already available?

Answer:  Yes, our web site is loaded with products.

Question:  Are there any hidden costs?

Answer:  There are no hidden costs.  Our standard design services are free and printing materials are free up front, even shipping is free.


Question:  Will the cards be good around the whole city, county or country?

Answer:  The cards are good anywhere you can reach the internet... USA, Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico.
Our suppliers will ship our "Free $tuff" to any of these locations.

Question:  How will I know if I will like the products on the cards or booklets

Answer:  Perhaps the best way to see the type of products you can expect, would be by browsing our typical fundraiser located at: Current Products, (MySchool) is a mock version of a school fundraiser landing page.
If you like what you see there you should be pleased with your cards.


Question:  Will we get to see the card before going to print?

Answer:  Yes, if requested you will be given the opportunity to PROOF your card, this gives you the chance to check spelling, grammar, and to make sure addresses and other information are correct. We don't proof or spell check.

Question:  Your question is waiting to be placed here?

Answer:  Go to the contact form (on every page) and submit your questions.

Question:  How long will it take to get our cards?

Answer:  Depending on the time of year, it takes about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks from the contract date until you receive the cards depending upon how fast you approve your proof.

Question:  What is the next step?

Answer:  Download the info packet complete the application in the packet and fax or mail the required pages.

Question:  When do I send money to SchoolCouponBook.com and how much do I send?  Do I mail in the entire amount?

Answer:  With most fundraisers through SchoolCouponBook.com, we invoice you each 30 days for immediate payment. 
You keep your profit up front and send us the difference. This means that in most cases you have your profit long before the payment is due.

For instance, your first 30 days you sell 500 cards collect the money, you keep your agreed amount and mail the wholesale cost to us.

Question:  Do your cards sometimes sell out, can I reserve them ahead of time?  I have a large school and need many cards.

Answer:  No.  All cards are custom printed for your fundraiser.
Visit our website Sample Cards to see the latest designs and to get started ordering in advance.  Once you’ve decided on a design, just complete the info-pack order form. For immediate service print the order form and fax or mail it (or scan and email).

Question: Is there a minimum order?

Answer:  Yes, our normal monthly minimum order is 50 cards per 150 ordered allowing you time to sell cards before actually paying for them. You can order 150, 300, 600 or 1000 cards without charge.
See info-pack for details.

Question:  I have a really large group.  Can I get 3000 cards?

Answer:  Yes and No! Our maximum starting amount is 1000 cards, although if you need more then that
you could wait until the original 1000 cards are almost gone and reorder an additional 1000 cards as many times as needed.

Or for each additional 1000 cards a refundable deposit of $50 is required (in this case $100 deposit).

Question:  Can the unsold cards be returned?

Answer:  Yes! Unsold cards, minus your minimum quota may be returned. After your fundraiser sale or every 30 days until your fundraiser ends your order invoice minimum is 50 cards per 150 ordered.
Wholesale cards may not be returned.

Question:  How much profit can a group make?

Answer:  FREE $TUFF Card sales are a great fundraiser for groups of all sizes! Figuring very conservatively, on a 500 card sale: Your cost $.50 per card with a sale price of $2 your group would earn $750   With a motivated group, the potential is much greater!  I have seen 500 cards sold in just a few days. You also earn in other ways. See the info pack


Question:  What if I want delivery before a major holiday?

Answer:  It’s important to keep your timeframe in mind when planning your sale.  Call immediately if you want delivery before a major holiday. SchoolCouponBook.com can usually have your printed materials completed and delivered within 10 - 15 days (additional shipping may be required).

Question:  Does SchoolCouponBook.com have a minimum sales requirement?

Answer:  Please see info-pack for further information.


Shipping Policies
Free Shipping Policy.   All of our fundraising products include standard shipping free to our customers in the continental United States.   Most products are shipped via USPS or UPS ground service and can be easily tracked when necessary. 

Why Free Shipping?   We include shipping charges for two reasons.  First, our goal is to make fundraising as easy as possible.  Dealing with confusing or hidden shipping or handling charges can be frustrating.  Second, by including the shipping charges, you know "up-front" exactly what your cost and profit will be.  This means you don't have to waste time reading tables and the fine print to determine any added charges and what your "real profit" will be. 

Shipping Time.   All products are shipped very fast.   Normal delivery time for direct-sale printed products is around 15 business days.  Our staff will be able to answer any questions you have regarding your shipping time.

Air Delivery.   If you need to arrange for air shipment of printed products, check with our fundraising consultant (1- 234 - FUND-SCB) to see if this can be arranged.  Your group would be responsible for the extra expense of air delivery up front.

Guarantee & Returns
Our Guarantee
  • Our guarantee is simple – we guarantee all of our printed products 100%.

  • If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our printed products, please contact us immediately and we will do everything we can to resolve the problem.

At SchoolCouponBook.com, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  We will do what ever it takes to maintain this high standard, should problems ever arise.  We’re here to help organizations raise money and your absolute happiness and satisfaction with our products is our only goal!

Thank you for your trust
and confidence